Established in 2015, Cenponts Healthcare is a boutique investment bank based in China and Europe with a global perspective. It is dedicated to cross-border financing and strategic partnerships in the field of healthcare and well-being. The team members are located in major cities worldwide, including Paris, Berlin, Basel, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. Additionally, the company has established strategic partnerships in the United States to connect global resources. The core businesses of Cenponts include equity financing, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), license transactions, and business consulting, etc.

Equity Financing

Strong Investor Resources

We maintain close relationships with thousands of industrial companies both domestically and internationally, as well as hundreds of private equity funds. We are committed to providing its clients with efficient and professional financing solutions and continuous value-added services. 



Professional Financing Advisor

Based on the stage of business development and the industry  

characteristics, We assist clients in formulating financing plans, designing feasible transaction structures and terms, and obtaining reasonable valuations.

M & A

Seller's Financial Advisor

With the support of an experienced team and a strong network in both Central Europe and China, we assist clients in identifying the most suitable acquirers, formulating feasible transaction strategies and structures, and helping clients maximize their value in the deal.



Buyer's Financial Advisor

Based on the client's needs and strategic objectives, we provide a comprehensive range of services. These services include identifying target acquisitions, formulating transaction structures, optimizing transaction costs, and proposing integration plans to comprehensively enhance customer competitiveness.

License Transactions

License In

As a buyer's advisor, leveraging professional expertise and extensive experience, we assist the buyer in acquiring the necessary intellectual property or technology to enhance their competitiveness and expand their business scope.



License Out

As a seller's advisor, we assist businesses in formulating intellectual property or technology licensing strategies, finding potential licensees, and facilitating negotiations and discussions between the parties involved, aiming to maximize the commercial value of the intellectual property or technology.


Business Consulting

Professional Strategic Perspective

We are committed to providing economically superior and effective strategic, organizational, and technological solutions and consulting services for our clients. Our aim is to create maximum value for our clients.




Consulting Scope

With extensive experience and professional expertise, we offer the following consulting services:

  • Market positioning and strategic optimization
  • Identifying strategic partners for collaboration
  • Guidance on business division and divestiture
  • Assistance in establishing joint venture companies


We can assist clients in entering the following institutions' ecosystem:


Industrial companies


Medical industry investors


Medical research institutions


Pharmaceuticals & medical equipment distributors


Medical research and development clusters


Medical media