Founded in 2015, Cenponts Healthcare is a leading Sino-European advisory company specialized in cross-border healthcare transactions, providing M&A, capital raising and business advisory services. We are currently headquartered in Hong Kong with an office in Paris.


Cenponts has a strong focus on the healthcare sector, covering the fields of innovative medicine, biological technology, medical devices and diagnosis. With an in-depth experience and expertise in the healthcare sector, we offer the finest financial and consulting advisory services to our clients.


We have developed a network of hundreds of financial and strategic investors in Asia. In terms of the business situation of our clients and industry-specific features, we assist in developing the comprehensive fund-raising strategy and optimizing the deal structure, ensuring our clients have the best access to capital market.


Sell Side Advisory

We leverage our extensive experience and strong network in both Asia and Europe to help our clients identify and select buyers, analyze the deal terms and structure and realize their full value.

Buy Side Advisory

We tailor our advisory services to the needs and strategic development of our clients by providing the full-suite solutions, including target identification and selection, deal structure design and cost optimization.


Our experts deliver efficient services with quality and fairness in the areas of strategy development, organization, operations and technology to serve our clients, to unlock the value for their companies. We’ll help you with:

  • Establishing your Joint Venture
  • Introducing your new product
  • Positioning your market strategy